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I tried to colour that drawing

Yooo I haven’t updated much here since I had no access to a computer, but I do now! And I’m really happy to see those lovely messages that you guys sent. I’ll draw those requests up soon!

Omg that means so much to me!!! Here you go dear! His hair is very fun to draw hehe //also requests are open

i’ve been listening to this song and crying a lot tbh

she’s probs blushing bc of her stupid boyfriend

who it is

well, that is up to u

i say natsu

I am not taking requests. This is 1/4!

Juvia for astre--amour
one-sparkle-of-light whispered: Following! Follow back?

I don’t follow back right away


Today’s doodle~!

Why does the new episode look so weird omg????


Cana doesn’t look like Cana.

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